If you live in the Los Angeles area then you know how hot the urban style has become. Celebrity style designs are everywhere.

Whether you are interested in traditional pencil style, digital drawing, airbrush artwork or graphic design, you probably see a lot of great t-shirts and are interested in finding the answers to at least one of two questions. Where can I find t-shirts art like these? And how can I make great t-shirt graphics? here, you will learn where to find some great graphic design and airbrush art. You will also learn where you can pick up some of the skills that make great t-shirt design possible.

Get familiar with a Los Angeles area well known graphic artist. L.A. is a big city with a lot of talent. A good way to be sure you have found the best Los Angeles has to offer is to look at credentials. Any artist who has been around and worked with the hottest celebrities and has designed some of the most interesting graphics is going to have plenty of photos of their work and their high-profile clients in their studio and on their website. If you are interested in getting a graphic design tutorial, make sure the artist you choose offers lessons. Also make sure you check for rates.

Look for an artist that offers Photoshop artwork for t-shirts. Some of the most high-profile celebrities wear this new style. Find a cool idea or photo you like and send it to me. See how I can give you an urban feel. If you have some Photoshop aspirations yourself, then maybe you can pick up a few pointers. For creative inspiration, why not page through some magazines and see what kinds of designs your favorite celebrities are sporting?

Remember that living in a great, diverse city like Los Angeles provides you with a lot of options, especially when it comes to t-shirt graphics. The next time you see airbrush artwork that you like, do not be shy. Ask the person where they found their artist. In the art world, word-of-mouth is the best way to find new talent. Find out who people are talking about. Check out interviews with celebrities who have styles you appreciate. Find out who they are getting to design their clothes. If you stay in the know, you might find yourself sporting the graphics movie stars and musicians will be wearing in the future.

Edel Ramirez AKA Edelart.